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Builders Risk Insurance is a crucial policy designed to provide coverage for buildings during the construction process. It safeguards the contractor's interest in materials at the job site, including those in transit, until they are installed. Additionally, it covers the value of the property being constructed until it is completed and accepted by the owner.

This policy can be customized to meet the requirements of various construction projects, whether it's new construction, remodeling, or renovation. It may also extend coverage to specific projects like room additions, decks, or remodeled bathrooms.

Typically, Builders Risk Insurance is obtained by the contractor or property developer, although the property owner may also assume responsibility for insurance during construction. It applies to both commercial and residential construction sites.

Moreover, there are built-in schemes tailored to the specialized needs of each construction project, be it commercial or residential. Insurance companies often require a certain level of builder experience for coverage of commercial sites, ideally with 2-3 years of commercial construction experience.

Furthermore, Builders Risk Insurance can be enhanced with additional coverage options such as earth movement. This is particularly beneficial for large construction projects where the cost of earth removal during digging can be substantial.

Whether it's new construction, remodeling, or renovation, a builders risk insurance policy is essential for those with a financial interest in property construction. It provides coverage for potential damage to construction materials during transit or storage.

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