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General liability insurance is a key consideration for businesses and general contractors. It offers protection against claims that can arise from various sources. These claims may include accidents, contractual obligations, or even liability arising from the products manufactured by the insured party.

The cost of general liability insurance is determined by the level of coverage selected, with options ranging from one to three million dollars. Rates also depend on the nature of the work performed, gross receipts, and total payroll expenses. Similar to auto insurance, a down payment is usually required, followed by installments.

Before purchasing general liability insurance, it is important to compare quotes from different providers. By doing so, you can ensure you are getting the best coverage for your needs at a competitive price.

As a business owner or general contractor, it is your responsibility to ensure that everyone working on the project is covered by insurance. This is vital because if an individual who is not a part of the project gets injured, their lawyer can potentially target anyone involved in the project. The more people involved, the higher the risk of a successful lawsuit.

By being proactive and obtaining general liability insurance, you can safeguard your business and protect against potential legal claims.

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