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Navigating Additional Living Expenses (ALE)

When your home is significantly damaged by a disaster and becomes uninhabitable, the Additional Living Expenses (ALE) portion of your home insurance policy plays a crucial role. ALE covers temporary housing costs, additional food expenses, and transportation costs exceeding your normal living expenses. This component of homeowners insurance coverage is vital for financial relief during difficult times.

Understanding the specifics of ALE coverage in your insurance policy is essential. Coverage is not universal, and limits on the total amount and duration exist. Common policy exclusions include damage from earthquakes, floods, or sewer backups, emphasizing the need to know your policy’s details.

Tips for Managing Additional Living Expenses:

  • Keep all receipts from incurred expenses, required for your insurance claim.
  • Stay in communication with your insurance agent to understand your coverage fully.
  • Review your policy regularly to ensure it aligns with your current needs, especially after major life events.

Staying informed about your policy’s ALE coverage helps alleviate financial and emotional stress if you’re displaced from your home due to a covered disaster. Most home insurance policies include additional living expenses coverage, aiming to help homeowners maintain their standard of living during home repairs or reconstruction (

ALE coverage calculation typically uses a percentage of your dwelling coverage. For example, with a home insured for $300,000, you might have up to $60,000 available for ALE, depending on your policy. ALE covers expenses like hotel stays, reasonable restaurant meals, and temporary housing.

Depending the extent of your damages and length of repair, you may be eligible to obtain short term housing in similar accommodations to your existing your home.

When interacting with home insurance adjusters, it’s crucial to avoid saying anything that could negatively affect your claim. Being careful with your words can prevent complications with ALE and other insurance claims.

Gordon Insurance is careful to ensure that you have proper coverage for additional living expense.

Reach out to Gordon Insurance to review your existing policy or talk about a new policy.


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